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Pro-Life Pennsylvanians

Please urge your

State Representative and State Senator

to support Pa.'s Heartbeat Bill.

This legislation would provide legal protection to children in the womb after the child's heartbeat becomes detectable at approximately six-weeks' gestation.

Please urge your State Senator to also pass the Unborn Child Dignity Act and the Down Syndrome Abortion Ban.

In June 2021, the Pa. House passed these Bills.

One bans abortion on children diagnosed with

Down Syndrome. The Pa. Senate Health Committee,

in June 2021, passed this legislation and it awaits passage by the full Senate.

The other Bill requires that the bodies of children killed

by abortion not be treated as "medical waste" but in

the same manner as the bodies of born human beings,

i.e., by burial or cremation. This Bill awaits passage by the Pa. Senate Health Committee and the full Senate.

Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania: 215-393-3610;

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